By Jan Duffield

4 9 months ago

Always a good time

Been coming to the Boat Show for years and love it. Always something new to see. Enjoy talking to the "experts" about all things boating. Usually come with a list of stuff to buy in the Marketplace and am never disappointed. Enjoy a sit at the "lake" to watch the goings-on. A big thank you to Yamaha Financial Services and MD Marine Insurance for the free tote bags. They are GREAT!!!! 1 complaint: We usually come to look at cruisers (24' - 30'), as we'd like to upgrade. There were less than 10 (and I would venture less than 5) to view. Everything was a bow rider. 1 suggestion: I accept the fact that food is expensive and I'm willing to pay for it. However water is a necessity of life and SHOULD BE FREE. There are precious few water fountains around the building. They should be well marked, or there should be water bottle fill stations set up.